Run Forward in the Brightness of My Grace

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Eleanor Roehl, Keevy Phillips, Kerry Hansher, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: April 9, 2023

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – I say to you, I’m sending My bar of soap down from heaven and I am going to start scrubbing in ways you have never been scrubbed. So I say, let me get to places that you have never allowed Me to clean. I say, I am going to send down that soap, and that soap has an anointing not only to emulsify but it has an anointing to shake you up. And I say, get ready for once I soap you up I’m going to shake you up, and then you are going to be so bright and vibrant that anyone in front of where you walk will recognize you have been made clean.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord will say to you that I am coming to judge your love this hour, and the Lord says that your lack of love, your lack of willingness to reconcile with your brothers and sister has caused your prophetic utterance to be tainted, says the Lord. But the Lord says, I am coming with My grace and mercy to change your eye gates, I am coming to quicken your utterance again, I am coming to deal with the way you’ve treated each other because other people who are not in My kingdom have seen how you’ve treated each other and you have become an offense, you have become an offense to My harvest. But the Lord is saying, I am full of grace, I am full of grace. I am full of grace, I am full of grace says the Lord. The Lord says, be reconciled with one another and watch how the love of God and your utterances come out of Me, says the Lord.

Eleanor Roehl – And I am getting My Holy Ghost plunger out, and I’m plunging that which has held you back and stopped you up in this past season. And I say to you that now you’ll run with the horses, you’ll no longer walk or lag behind. But I say to you now you’ll go forth with wings as eagles.

Kerry Hansher – When Shatece gave the tongue I had a vision and there was a contraption in her mouth and it had sharp knives on it, and with every tone and every frequency she released a knife and it hit the target, and I hear the Lord saying that in this season He’s sharpening our speech, we should be done with murmuring and complaining and stuttering. So I even believe in the natural there’s gonna be people who have had a stuttering or even a swollen tongue that’s now gonna be healed because the Lord is saying I am sharpening your tongues like knives, and in this season be careful what you release because what you release will cut away what needs to be a cutaway, and you should not be cutting away things that I’m not trying to cut away in the name of Jesus.

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