Run Through the Hologram Into the Reality of Spirit and Truth

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Maggie Wallace, Mark Waldrep
Date Given: May 29, 2022

Maggie Wallace – Singing in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say that invincible structure that you think you’ve been against, it is nothing but plywood. So I say run against it, run against it, run against it and watch it cave in. For there’s an access that I am giving My people, but they must not allow that which has seemed invincible to stop them from advancing. I say it is nothing but plywood, run against it, it will fall and you will go through.

LeAnn Squier – When Chuck said plywood, I saw Hollywood sets that look like real places and real cities but they are plywood fronts and they are studio sets. So Father we just say in the name of Jesus, we will not accept what you say is plywood as real. We will treat it as You say it is, and we will run against it in Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – Hear what the spirit of God is saying through her. It LeAnn just delivered. That is nothing but a hologram that is forming around you in your atmosphere. You need to say I am coming through this no matter what it looks like, I know reality. Reality is when I worship in spirit and in truth, and I will worship my way through this facade.

Mark Waldrep – In that tongue, I saw an image of when I was little, we used to play make believe war, and the opposition had these cardboard, little things they would stand in. They put a little hole in it and they’d go dow, dow, dow, dow, dow. And then the rain came and everything collapsed.

Chuck Pierce – Ask for the rain, that’s what Zechariah 10 says. Ask for the rain, ask for the rain let everything wash away that is not real in your field. Shout right now I want what’s real in my field.

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