Run With a Free Man Anointing

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: April 8, 2023

Venner Alston – Charles, if you’re on the web, I want you to write this ministry and tell them that you were on the web. This is what validates when a prophet gives a word like this. I saw like a web around you, and there was a cry that came up that’s coming up out of your heart. And it so stirred me, I looked up the meaning of the name Charles. And Charles means free man. And the Lord said this Passover, write it on your calendar. It is your season of freedom. There’s been a debt structure and there’s been a sickness structure that has operated in your life, and you haven’t been able to be productive in your own life. But the Lord said if you will arise in faith, this is a season that God says I’m gonna turn this around. Not only is the Lord gonna turn this around, you’re going to become a voice. You are going to become a David to those that have been captured in the same way. Father, I thank you for Charles. I send this word to him now in the name of Jesus, and I decree now that this is a season even where he is that there’s an impartation of the spirit of God that’s coming into you right now. Your room is feeling with glory right now. Where you are there’s an incredible ray and light of the glory of God that just came into your room. It is God’s presence. It is for you. Take it. Receive it, and don’t walk in it. Run in it. Run in it.

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