Secret Prayers Will Begin to Manifest

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: April 8, 2023

Venner Alston – Brian, come here. This is how the Lord told me to say this to you. I honor you as such a general of administration in this house. And I heard God talking to me about you. He said, “Call him up and then tell him to step up.” Step up. You didn’t just take a natural step but you’ve just taken a step in the spirit. And the Lord said, “There are secret prayers.” I begin to hear some things that you’ve been talking to the Lord about in the night season concerning your children. I saw one of your daughters. I don’t know the order of your children, but she’s a redhead girl. I heard the Lord say, “My hand is on her.” He said, “I have heard your prayers. I’ve heard your declarations.” He said, “I honor you because you honored my Son. You have honored the men and women of God that have come here.” And the Lord said, “This next wave has got your name on it and it’s got your children’s name on it.” And I hear the Lord say, “What you prayed in secret is going to be revealed in the open.” He said, “I am about to amplify who you are and what I called you to do.”

The Lord said, “You lead an amazing troop of administration here.” He said, “And you’ve been content to just do whatever it was that needed to be done. You’ve worked and you labored with the men of God, and with people of God from sun up to sundown.” And the Lord said, “It did not go unnoticed.” He said, “I am bringing my reward into your life and your children will walk and they will be money in the land,” says the Lord. He said, “Don’t worry about Benjamin. I got him. I got him.” And the Lord said, “He will be okay.” Father, I thank you. Lift up your hands. I thank you for this man of God. Oh mm. Reset him. Reset him. Reset him. Everything he’s asked you for, everything he’s asked for. Now, God, I set my faith in agreement with his and I say, it is your season of manifestation. Oh God, in the name of Jesus.

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