See, Hear, and Look From a Greater Place

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 14, 2021

Chuck Pierce – Now, remember what the Lord told John, after He came down and visited him in the book of Revelation. And then He said, “John come up here.” And John heard the sound of a trumpet. It was like thunder. And then the Lord said these words to him. Come up here and let Me show you things to come. As we sound the shofar, you decree that you are going to see beyond a place that you are now seeing. For the Lord would say this week, I have begun to establish you new and fresh for your future. And, do not see from last week, but stand and hear from the place that I am calling you. For you will see into dimensions you have never seen into before, and you will look beyond, and you will say “this is what was meant to be all along”. I say, see and hear and look in to the place that I’m calling you. Let’s shout!

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