The Seeds That You’ve Sown will Rise Up

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Melinda Richardson, Robyn Vincent, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: July 22, 2018

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – I say, say to the seeds that you’ve sown, say to the seeds that you’ve sown, say to the seeds that you’ve sown, this is your day to rise up. For you thought they would be held captive in the sand, held captive by man. But I say, say to the seeds that you’ve sown, and they will rise up and sprout forth fruit you have not seen before.

Kerry Hansher – You know, the Lord is so faithful, he just tries to make sure we get it. And I hear him shouting Isaiah 54 over us. On the way this morning, Tabitha shared something with me and I said that’s Isaiah 54. I picked it up on my phone and said here read it. This all about the barren woman singing but it’s about enlarging the tent. It’s about desolation being broken off. And I see new rivers rising up where they’ve not been in centuries. And we say that there is a sign in Israel. That the sea of Galilee, that the Jordan river is gonna begin to fill up, fill up, fill up. And it would be a sign that desolation is being broken that bareness is gone and we would walk in prosperity in days ahead.

Melinda Richardson – So the Lord says this morning He’s speaking to your expectation. He’s calling the watered seeds to be that of great expectation. He’s saying even your bad is good in this day. Don’t look at your bad as a bad thing but know that Romans 8:28 is a seed that’s sprouting and know that all things are working together for your good. Just because you don’t understand, He’s saying I’m topping it with Isaiah 55:9-11, “My ways are not your ways nor are My thoughts your thoughts.” But the seeds of expectation are germinating and they are growing and sprouting quick. That the roots are going deep, the roots are going real deep. But we speak now to the spirit of the expectation lost expectations even in you that would cause your dreams and your hopes and your thoughts to align with the great I AM in this season.

Chuck Pierce – Let’s sing it one more time.

Robyn Vincent – When Chuck said, you have got to realize the time and the moment you’re in. The Lord has been showing me lately the alignment of perfect timing. He has been showing me that there is a right time that we are in, and you will have the right word in the right time and the right step in the right time and the right dance at the right moment.

Everywhere I go, I keep seeing numbers align, one, one, one two, two, two, three, three, three, four, four, four. I wake up, five, five, five. Every single moment of my day is in alignment with the Lord. Somehow, the lines have now fallen in pleasant places. You need to decree that over your life. The lines for me have now fallen in pleasant places. God has divinely aligned the times and you’ve got to see this is a moment, a right time, a ripe time. The Lord says, this is a season that you begin to intentionally reap. He said, you have intentionally sown but now it’s time to intentionally reap, says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – I don’t want you to take for granted what you are witnessing up here. Everything God was speaking like he says, in the closet this morning, he’s displaying it on the rooftop. That does not happen without us being in alignment with Him. There is a miracle going on. And you’re right in the middle of it. Tell somebody, you’re right in the middle of this miracle.

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