Sense and Resound the Frequencies of My Spirit

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: November 20, 2022

LeAnn Squier – All instruments have a vibrational frequency and so do our bodies, like our kidneys and everything. Like when you play a bass and you’re thumping a bass, it hits you here, maybe a real high soprano, you may feel it in your head region and the shofar you might feel in your belly. So there’s really specific things that different frequencies do. And what I was seeing is exactly what Chuck and everyone is saying, but is that not everything comes out of the mouth. Not everything is the frequency of talking. What Robyn was saying, like you can carry the frequency of love and forgiveness and unconditional acceptance to people that is not even spoken, but it is felt. And like Linda was saying, we have sensors, God equipped our bodies with sensors and being kind of a science nerd, I know that to be true.

So people that are not, that are on the outside, they sense more than they listen, right? They feel more than they’re willing to hear. So sometimes, you know, when we are trying to blast with the words and everything, but sometimes there is a more subtle vibration that God wants to bring to them which is the love, the joy, the peace, the kindness and let our lives resonate. And so I was seeing this picture, I was seeing all these like strings of a stringed instrument like a guitar, or something, and God put His like thumb on the top string and then He’d let all the other ones resonate and it was like He was working with all these other strings. And what I felt like is a lot of times, you know, in America we especially have a lot of talking heads. You know, our media can just be a lot of talking heads, you know, just, and it’s like the Lord is just saying I want to put the hiatus on that for a bit, I wanna develop the actual resonance of My Spirit to be felt and heard, but not by these ears, obviously, by these sensors and that awareness that people have.

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