Some Came in Lacking a Hunger & Desire

Voices: Jane Arenas
Date Given: November 17, 2019

Jane Arenas – What I heard the Lord say, was that some of you came in, lacking. Lacking that hunger, lacking that desire. And the Lord is saying, if you will trade in that lack this morning ’cause there is plentiful that’s coming out, it is plentiful, and the Lord says, if you will just trade in that lack of hunger, that lack of desire, that lack even in the joy, even the lack of praise, the Lord says, “I will give you that praise that you need to break you through. I will give you that worship you need to break through. I will give you that desire you need to break through. I will give you that passion that you desire in order to break through.” The Lord says, “You don’t need to have anything, the only need you need to have is the will, for Me to come in and to fill you, so that you can press through, and that you can break through. So just extend your hands and say “Lord, I am trading my lack right now, and I am getting rid of it. I receive that praise. I receive these declarations, Lord. And let this be something that will carry through for the rest of the week, in Jesus’ name.”

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