My Word is an Alarm

Voices: Susan Shaulis, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: September 2, 2018

  • Tobias Lyons

And the Lord says that my word is an alarm and He says in this week coming, the Lord says I am not only calling you out but I am calling out those things that have fortified themselves around you. Those things that have towered above you in this last season. The Lord says this is gonna be a season where my word draws you up and out. The Lord says my word will come to give you vision to see up and above. So the Lord says know that this week it is a week that my voice is gonna be an alarm in your ear.

  • Susan Shaulis

For the Lord says I’m enriching you today with my sound. And He says it’s going deep into your body, soul, and spirit. So receive it as you go into this week, for a great strength is going to rise up within you for the days ahead and I’m gonna put a new weapon in your hand for the war. So He says get ready, get set. The enrichment, the fortification, the vitality is in my body and great strength will come forth for the harvest womb is opening up for my people!

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