The Barren Days of Your Past Have Ended

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: February 24, 2019

Keith Pierce – You know today the day is the day that the Lord would speak to you, to rise up out of your barrenness take the leftovers from yesterday and sow the seed for the release tomorrow. What you thought would not multiply will begin to magnify before you an increase, an increase, an increase what has laid desolate will begin to bloom. So rise up out of your barrenness and shake off the dust and see the land that your feet is standing on is fertile and pliable for days ahead. Sow your seed and you will see multiplication occur that even your neighbors will experience, in Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, I am beginning to extend the call to you for the territory that I have put you in. I say the day of your past has ended and now I am calling you forward into a road that is beginning. I say you will begin to pioneer and be part of redoing the road structures around you. You will see the harvest of the region. I say so turn around and look at your past and say, that was one season, then turn and look at your future and say, now I will prosper you.

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