Stand up for Victory Is on Your Path

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: September 17, 2020

Tiffany Smith – And I hear the Lord saying that some of you are tired. You are tired. This season, you felt like it would break you. You felt like it totally depleted you and wore you down, but God is saying stand up. He is saying stand up. And I see Him filling you from the bottom of your feet, all the way to the top of your head with new strength, with new grace, with a new word, with a sharp sword, that’s gonna be in your hand. That’s gonna take you into this next year. And you’re gonna walk in victory. Don’t settle, don’t you sit down and settle. The Lord has victory on your path.

Chuck Pierce – I saw us, I saw us reaching as high as we could reach. With our hand, with our finger and all of a sudden the finger of God came down and touched us. Let Him touch you right now. Wherever you are reach up, reach up, reach up! And let the touch of God come.

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