Steady Yourself at My Table of Feasting

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Mark Waldrep, Shatece McLeod, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: April 11, 2021

Chuck Pierce –

“And I say to you your days of bouncing from table to table to table has now, is now coming to an end. And I’d say to you, I have planned a seat just for you. And I say to you, I am hoeing a garden and even bringing forth taste that you have not taste before. So I say, don’t bounce from place to place, steady yourself. For I long to have you and have you at my table. I have called you for a time of feasting. So enter in, practice feasting and you will feast completely,” said the Lord.

Susan Shaulis –

And I also heard in that word that there are some of you that cannot stand in a stabilizing place. Because in the past you have broken a limb or a bone. And the Lord says today, “I’m resetting that limb, that broken bone, that has caused you to be limp throughout the ages.” And now He says, “You will begin, to walk with a sure footing. And you will begin to walk as I have destined for you to walk. So know that the limping season is over and the season of stabilization is here.” And He says, “Now the lame will walk and begin to walk the path that I have set for them.”

Keith Pierce –

And the Lord spoke to me and He said, “I have come to secure the footing of many. And where you had used to think you had to run to leap, I want you to stand and see, how secure I am planting you. And when you get ready to arise, just squat and arise. A see the trust, will take you up, take you over, and place your feet in a way that I am securing you. I have stood before you with a table, that is complete. So see your secured place, and then with a great thrust, arise to a new height. That you may look down, instead of looking up. Because when you look down, you will see the strategy, that I’ve given you to overcome the wicked one. Because I am securing your footing.”

Chuck Pierce

Shout lift off, shout lift off. Put your hand on someone, shout, get ready to lift off.

Mark Waldrep –

I heard the Lord say that you’ve turned the corner into the narrow place with me. You’re close to me very much at this point in time, there’s no escape because I have orchestrated this narrow place. And in this narrow place, I am enhancing your hearing and your seeing like never before. You will see opportunities all around you. And the words I put into you will be words of my truth and words that prick the hearts of those that are listening. Do not fear their reactions do not contemplate what might well happen. I own the outcomes.

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