Step In Time and Break Delay

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: October 24, 2021

LeAnn Squier – Okay, so I just put something together, Chuck prophesied last week and he said about stepping in time and I just put some things together. The Lord spoke to me about six months ago. He said, “Do you wanna see what deferred, delay, the spirit of delay, “do you want to see what the spirit of delay looks like?” And I said, “Yes, I do, yes I do.” And so He dropped a mirror down in front of me and I saw myself. And I was like, uh-oh, I thought it was a demon. I thought it was a family of demon. I thought it was a structure. I thought it was, you know, this, all of this stuff out there but what He showed me was in here. And what He showed me was every time that you delay to obey me, you are empowering delay to stay in the Earth. And I was like, “Oh my goodness, I gotta stop. “I gotta stop that.”

So, whenever He speaks, it’s like, if you want to see things accelerate, you got to accelerate. Your obedience has to accelerate, right, my obedience has to accelerate and I’m always reticent. You know, I’m just, Chuck knows, I’ll just stay in the back seat and just, you know, enjoy the ride and all that. But that’s not really my nature, but that’s kind of what I do. But anyway, so it’s like stepping. So this worried about stepping in time, what I was hearing was Mary Poppins’ Step in Time, Step in Time. LeAnn Squier – Da, da, da, you know And so I went and I watched that and I was like, “What is the deal here, Lord?” But it’s what He just said, like we, as we’re obeying, as we run to give, we have to develop a generous spirit because why? That’s what who He is in us. We have to be a fountain. We can’t just be a reservoir. We gotta be a fountain. We gotta pour out and pour out some more and pour out some more.

So, what I’m seeing though, is the connection between this, the obedience to do these things and not step back. ‘Cause His word also talked about stepping. Like we step in and step out of the door, but we don’t go through the door. So as we are obeying God as we are with our giving, with our obedience and to do and to go and everything He says, it’s like, we start stepping in His time and we start accelerating and getting out of hope deferred, and getting out of the spirit of delay. Y’all it’s, we have the power to get out of the spirit of delay, it’s within us to do! We’re not just waiting on the heavens to move. We’re not just waiting on some grand thing out there, somewhere to happen. It’s right here. It’s right in us right now and it’s like, so we have got to step in time.

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