Step Into Your Room of Deliverance

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: December 31, 2022

Lisa Lyons – Recently, my phone started going out. And it was an iPhone 11. And when I got it, the Lord said to me that it was a phone of transition. And I bought the phone in December of 2019, which of course was right before all the wonderful last three years we’ve experienced with COVID and everything that’s going on. And Chuck always says, “When we enter a decade, “those first three years are kinda like, “they are a transition.” It’s like you’re testing the waters, you’re putting your foot in. But now, we are entering the meat of the decade and it’s time to jump in. And when I went to, I thought, “Okay, I gotta get a new phone. “What’s the latest iPhone iteration?” And I looked and it’s the iPhone 14. And the minute I saw that, my spirit jumped because I went immediately to Matthew one and the 14 generations; from Abraham to David, David to Babylon, Babylon to Messiah. And the Lord says, “Your time of transition is over.” “And you are now entering “a season of redemption, “a season of fulfilled promise, “and a season of deliverance.” And then the Lord, amazing. So I go to AT&T to order my new, get my new iPhone. The guy, he says, “They’re back ordered till the end of January. “It’ll be about six weeks before you get it.” I said, “Go ahead and order it. “The Lord is in it.”

So anyway, that was a Monday. Thursday, three days later, my phone comes in. And the Lord says, and this is our word for this year. God says, “Expect acceleration.” Expect acceleration! And I have seen it happening over and over since then. I order something from Amazon, they say, “Oh, it’ll be February.” And then I get a message that says, “Oh no, it’s coming next week.” I mean, over and over. And how many times does Chuck say, “Watch for your signs. “Look for your sign post.” And that is exactly what that is. And we have got to open our eyes, and be watching, and expecting acceleration. I had a dream this past week. And at the end of it, somebody walked up to me and they said, “Oh, you’re pregnant.” And I said, “Trust me, ain’t happening, not.” And didn’t look pregnant, didn’t feel pregnant. I said, “My name is not Sarah or Mary.” Anyway, and they said, “Yes, you are.” And I said, “Well, gosh, if I am, it’s a long way. “Just barely a week or two maybe.” And they said, “No, you are dilated fully. “And that thing you’re carrying is coming forth. “You need to get it taken care of.” And I immediately woke up. And the Lord said, “Darling, I told you to expect acceleration.” Again, he keeps saying it. So you expect acceleration, a promise of redemption, of deliverance, of every good thing. And listen, we are walking into a hairy year this year, but God is in it and we are overcomers in it!

Chuck Pierce – Let’s give a . Now, the number 11 in Hebrew looks like this. You’re up at the top of a stairway. Anytime you have a dream with 11 in it, this is what God is trying to say to you. You’re up at this top of a stairway and you have to determine, do you open the door and go through into a new room or do you go back down the stairs to where you were? That’s what 11 is about. 14 Means deliverance. You need to say, “I ain’t going back! “I’m stepping into the room of my deliverance!”

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