Step Outside Yourself & Over the Threshold

Voices: Justin Rana, Keith Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Mistie Lohse, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: March 8, 2020

– [LeAnn Squier] We’re in a transition, right now we’re in a transition, somehow we’re moving over a threshold, over a threshold, where faith has been limited, and faith has been held back, but now it abounds, and now it carries you over. It carries you over, into a new place, and a new field, and a new way of believing, and a new place, and a new field, and a new way of receiving. You’re crossing over to dimensions of faith. So we look upon every field that has not borne its fruit yet. We look upon every field that has not brought in its harvest yet. And we sing, and we speak, and we sing, you will be fruitful. You will be fruitful. We speak, and we sing over you with the song of the Lord, with the song of the fruitful God.

[Mistie Lohse] I kept hearing Keith saying, step outside of yourself, he said it a couple of times today. And I really feel like everyone of us, like just me myself, I can’t ever see myself. You know? But I feel like if you just take a step to the left, or the right, or you take a step back, you see yourself right there, and God is just there. Even if he’s not in your life and your heart, he’s there holding on to you. And he’s always been there, he’s not going. So I just want to share that, just step outside of yourself, right now, and see who you are, and who God sees in you, and how he’s with you.

[Keith Pierce] – The Lord said, Your act of faith, darling, has just opened a door. And the door that it has opened, I’m taking a rag and sticking it in the hinge, that this door will never be able to be closed again. Many will be able to try to close it, but when they look at themself in the mirror, they will begin to look at themself differently. When they stand and come down the hallway, they’re gonna see themselves in a new light. When they get into the car, they’re gonna hear the new song that changes them, because I’ve asked you, to be a testimony for many to look at themself, that I can bring forth their identity, like I brought forth your identity, your faithfulness, your trueness is bringing a hope and a future to the promises of my house in Jesus’ name.

[LeAnn Squier] So, as Mistie was sharing, I saw the threshold. The threshold is us! The threshold is us! We are stuck behind the threshold, and as she stepped over, out of herself, step out of yourself! Step out of yourself! Step out of yourself! Listen to the voice of God. Do what he tells you, whatever he says. Step out, and it’s like we are breaking out of an old mold that has been encasing us. And so Father, we say right now, people are being delivered today all over this place, from the person they thought they were, the person they used to be, Lord God you’re saying, No no no child. Come on, step over! Step over, walk on water!

[Justin Rana] Oh my soul, you are not alone, there’s a place where fear has to face the God you know.

[Robyn Vincent] – I keep hearing this thing. I’m just seeing it the whole time that we’ve been here, and I keep seeing, and even the little child who came up, he picked up the stone, and he was ready to throw it. And I’m telling you, God is saying, You’ve been carrying some heavy things. You’ve been carrying some heavy things and some things that are too, that seem too difficult for you. And the Lord is saying, I want you to let it all go. I need you to let it all go, so I can be who I am. So I can do what only I can do. And I’m telling you, this is your moment. You’ve got to hear this, this is not a service that we’re used to. God has come down! He has come down! For this situation! And so I’m telling you, you’re gonna have to roll these stones, you’re gonna have to get rid of ’em, and say Lord, I’m not gonna try to manipulate, I’m not gonna try to do this on my own, I’m not gonna think of the ten ways to to my breakthrough. You better hear what I’m saying to you! Hear what I’m saying, God is saying, I am! I am! I am! The threshold that she’s talking about is us leaving us behind, so that we can press! Do you understand the woman with the issue of blood, she tried everything she could do. She tried everything! She paid every doctor, every specialist! But I’m telling you, she saw her moment. She saw her moment, and she pressed in, to the Lord, when the Lord was passing by. Now the Lord is in this place! He is in this place, and I don’t care how hard, I don’t care how difficult, the Lord is saying, this is your moment, press! Press! I’m here for you! I’m here! For you. In Jesus’ name, receive it.

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