Stomach Tumors and Blood Cancer Are Being Healed

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: January 2, 2023

Venner Alston – Tumors. Somebody is watching and you have tumors in your stomach. To the extent that you have bulges. You can see them. Your stomach. I speak now. And I command every tumor in your body to dissolve. By the power of the prophetic anointing upon my voice, I speak to those tumors, I speak to those cysts, and I command them to dissolve now and go out the way of waste. There’s so many. The doctors haven’t figured out what to do yet, but God says in this moment, it’s a moment that He said I am intervening on your behalf. There’s nobody greater than Me. I am the one that heals. I am the one that restores. And I even speak to that one. Somebody put a television in your room, and you are listening right now, and you have a death sentence over you. And I command the spirit of death to take its hands off of you, and I decree that you are now in a Hezekiah moment. You will live and you will not die. I rebuke death from your life. I say live, live, live in the name of Jesus. Oh God, mmm. Somebody else, you’re watching, you have blood cancer. You’ve had this for the past five years and you’ve been dealing with it. You would go into remission, and then all of a sudden it would reactivate. And I heard the Lord say, for the next 30 days, you are to take communion. His blood working in your blood, His blood working in your blood. And when you go back to the doctor, it won’t be remission, it will be restoration; it will be gone. Come on, somebody ought to clap their hands and praise God.

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