Your Story is Being Released

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: July 8, 2018

– LeAnn Squier – ♪ I heard the Lord say, There is authority in your story. There is authority in your story ♪

Chuck Pierce – Say it. There’s authority in my story.

♪ There’s authority in your story,  So tell it loud Tell it proud There is authority in your story Don’t be ashamed And don’t hold it back Don’t be afraid I got your back says the Lord ‘Cause there’s authority in your story this hour There’s authority in your story ♪

Chuck Pierce – I went through this, but God.

♪ Your test is becoming your testimony Your test has become your testimony So don’t hold it back Don’t hold it back  There’s authority in your story And there’s glory in your story Oh there’s a peculiar glory in your story Like no other could have It’s unique, it’s yours It’s divinely cut for you There’s a glory in your story ♪

LeAnn Squier – I just keep seeing a picture of your story. And it’s covered with a black, like a black blanket. It’s like the powers of darkness do not want your story to be revealed. Because there’s so much glory in it. There’s so much overcoming, there’s so much victory in it. And it’s like he’s been using a spirit of shame to blanket you and to cover over some victories that you’ve had because what you walked through was so difficult. And it was so hard, and dark, and not, you know, something you’d want to share with everyone.

But look, I’m telling you God is fixing to release some hidden weapons that are going to be glorious bright brilliant treasures. And your story is one of those glorious, glorious bright weapons. And so Lord we just say today, just allow Him to lift the cover off. Lift off shame. Lift off condemnation, Lord. We lift that off and Father we hurl those blankets away. And the Lord says those are even beggars cloaks. They’re beggars cloaks. They’re cloaks of poverty, of spirit. And the Lord says, honey, I’ve got so much more for you than that. You don’t have to hold onto some old thing when the glory of your testimony is shining brightly within you. So Lord we thank you this hour for a new glory and a new brilliance of our stories. Our stories, oh I just saw it. I just saw ’em starting getting to release. Your story is getting released. It’s lifting up. I’m telling you, just take the blanket back.

♪ Just let your story be released Let your story be released to soar Let it fly, let it fly Let it fly heavenward, heavenward Oh so much praise gonna be released in the earth this day So much praise for Him is gonna be released in the earth So much glory is gonna be released So much glory ♪

Chuck Pierce – You’re gonna speak the good news of how he brought you through that situation.

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