Strike the Red Sea of Communication

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: September 17, 2020

Keevy Phillips – I am the God that parted the Red Sea, allow Me to part this Red Sea in front of you. This Red Sea of unbelief, this Red Sea of doubt, and the fear that will swipe across the land. I am coming to part the Red Sea. So you can can cross over into the Jordan. Lift your hands with that staff and strike the Red Sea. In the name of Jesus I am striking the Red Sea of cultural divide in this land. I’m striking the sea of fatherlessness in this land. Strike the Red Sea and watch the waters part in Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – Isaiah 51 says within that sea was Rehab, the Leviathan, Decree right now you have a key to the next level up communication. of the next faith explosion. Shout Leviathans mouth will be bound and all of that communication structure and the spirit of God is coming through and tearing apart structures.

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