Submit Your Expectations for I Am Desiring to Move

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: March 1, 2020

  • Brian Kooiman

And there’s some of you have struggled and you said Lord, I don’t know how to step into that place. I don’t know what that move feels like. And the spirit of God is speaking to you today and He says “If you will set aside how you want me to move, or how you expect me to move, if you yield your right and allow me to move how I desire,” because he says “From the depths of my heart I am longing to move.” “I am longing to move on your heart and your child, in your marriage, in your workplace. He said I am desiring to move,” he said “Set aside your expectation, set aside your choice of what that must feel or look like, and I will step in and I will move and you will see the miraculous.” “You will see the healing.” “You will see the redemption.” “You will see the restoration.” So he says “Submit your choice today and allow me to move on you.” says the spirit of the Lord.

  • Robyn Vincent

I want to take this moment because the Lord keeps highlighting that when He moves, when He moves. Like this is a move, miracles happen when He moves. And when Janice was speaking today she hit this part and she said it’s all gonna happen by submission. It’s all gonna happen by submission. When Brian was up here declaring, I saw the four people on the roof tearing it open, tearing it open to get to God because when He moves, when He moves, and the Lord said that this is a season you’re gonna have to deconstruct some things. There are some things that you have built that the Lord is asking you to begin to tear down, for you to begin to demolish, so that a move of God can come into your life. And so Father we say we submit to Your will, we submit to Your way, we say Lord take what You have to take, deconstruct what You have to deconstruct, demolish it in Jesus’ name and you will see the move.

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