Surprise Storms Will Sweep Through the Lands

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: June 21, 2020

-moment, “but the plunder of the storm is for a lifetime.” He said, “Look and see, how you have quivered and shaked “and in the middle of the storm. “Now is the time to throw off the fear, “and dig deeper because I am establishing a house. “And the house that I am establishing, “will be that of Joseph, that you can receive, hear, and get “the treasures of the ancient hill. “The storm is only designed to break up the fallow ground “that the treasures can arise and come to your house. “So beat the kingdom, open up the doors, “and receive the plunder.”

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you I’m creating a surprise storms. “I say watch for storms of surprise, “will sweep through the lands. “and as I surprise you with a storm, “I say it will settle the dust of the enemy around you. “I say to You, I will not have a dry people, “but I will have a people who know how to dance “in the midst of the rain. “I’ll have a people who know how to communicate “through the airwaves. “I will have a people who know how to rise, “and decree that God will triumph.”

Keith Pierce -And the Lord will even say, “Be like the bird, “turn quickly into the storm, “and face it off and receive the wind “that will take you up to higher, higher, and higher places. “That I will take you over the storm, “and let you look down and see how minute it is “to my majesty, in my holy name.” “What I say to you, you’re still flying too low. “and I must have a people that come up to a place “to hear the songs that have never been heard. “I say I have sounds waiting on you, “I have things that will free your spirit, “and deliver you supernaturally. “I say to you, I have new missions “that you say, ‘Lord, this could be awful,’ “but I say I am sending you in to win. “So rise up for as you blow up the enemy’s plan “you will hear the sound of victory “that will enter the earth.”

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