Survival Mode Has Got To Go

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: August 6, 2023

Robyn Vincent – As I was just presenting myself before the Lord for transformation this week, one of the things that he said to me, he said, Robyn, he said, the survival mode has got to go.

Chuck Pierce – All right, all right.

Robyn Vincent – He said, survival mode has got to go. What he said to me was, when you walk through trauma, when you walk through trauma, you begin to operate in some sort of dimension that God never meant for you to come into agreement with. And so he even brought me all the way back to slavery. I thought that was awesome, Keith. He came and he said, even from slavery, you were taught survival mode. And he’s breaking generational curses of survival mode. If you’ve gone through trauma, if you’ve gone through death, if you’ve gone through grief, you don’t even know it but you have come into agreement with survival mode. It has you looking at your bank account. It has you looking at others the wrong way. It has you saying, what if? What if, what if? And God is saying, stop it now because I am greater. I am more, I am powerful. He said, did I not give you my spirit? Did I not give you my power? He says, operate according to that which I have given unto you. That is the reality. So he says, step out of survival mode into success.

Chuck Pierce – All right.

Robyn Vincent – Into success.

Chuck Pierce – You better shout it out.

Michelle Hadley – ♪ That’s a word from heaven ♪

Robyn Vincent – Because what he said to me is when you have the mindset of victory, when you have the mindset of triumph, when you have the mindset of success, you begin to build. You begin to plant. You’re not worried about what the enemy’s doing. You are going to stay the course and do that which God has put in you to do, so God says, rise up this day and evict, divorce, whatever you have to do, get out of survival mode.

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