Take a Stand to Worship and Roar Together Over the Airwaves

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce, Marty Cassady
Date Given: August 23, 2020

Keith Pierce – It has come time and we’re gonna do a prophetic act. That you rise up and take your stand this very moment. If you’re under God, you need to rise up, take your stand and let your feet. I want everybody to do a prophetic act with their feet.

Chuck Pierce – Wherever you’re at on the web, my wife stayed home today saying, “I’m gonna be a part of those “that are scattered throughout the earth, “entering into what God’s doing today.” As it comes through the airways. Every one of you on the web, you’re not just watching a program, you’re entering in. It’s coming through the airways. You need to decree that your airways will stay open in the year of breath, decree the airways are open. Keith Pierce – And then, take your feet and firmly plant them in His glory, in His presence, in His anointing and say I will not be moved.

– I will not be moved.

– And let a shout go up in the heavens that the airways are open and I will not be moved.

Chuck Pierce – Shout.

Keevy Phillips – Let me tell you something. There are certain things worth dying for and my right to worship God is worth dying for. There are only a few things I’ll die for, but my right to worship the Lord to His willing, I’m willing to give my life for that. So you need to take a stand and say for God I’ll live, and for God I’ll die today. America it’s time to take a stand and say we’re following Yahweh and no other God alone. There are certain things worth willing to die for and worship is one of them. So if you’re willing to worship God with boldness, rise up in your spirit and say worship is essential and I’m willing to die for.

Keith Pierce – Chuck got off the plane the other day and the Lord spoke to me in that instant to stop what I was doing and call him and say it is time for him to rally the roar.

– If you give God a roar in you, it is time for that roar to be rallied. Let that roar be released. Release the roar.

Chuck Pierce – Shout it over Tucson.

Keith Pierce – Let your roar be roared.

Chuck Pierce – Shout it over China, shout it over Japan, shout it over England.

Keith Pierce – And let your roar rally.

Chuck Pierce – Shout it over America.

Keith Pierce – Let your roar rally.

Daniel Pierce – We’re not just a nation under God, we’re one nation under God. We won’t be divided. There’s a root of division that has to be pulled up in this season. We just give that to you, Lord. You’re pulling that root of division out. And if so God goes, so this nation will go.

Chuck Pierce – We say, God’s people will war together again as one. That’s what unity is about. It’s not that we hold hands and skip through the field and never address anything. It says we’re going to war together and the Spirit of God is leading us and the Holy Spirit is manifesting in us and we will triumph

Marty Cassady – Earlier in the service, very early in the service, I saw the finger of God come down and land on Keevy’s head. And I knew he had a word. I knew he had a very strong word right from the Father. And when he came up and he said there are certain things worth dying for and worship is one and serving the Lord is one, the Lord began to say to me, this is a day of decision. This is a day of decision. There are some things that have ended, that indecision and that double-mindedness has ended. The Lord says, use the week ahead this month where the King is in the field to begin to ask him to draw you. If you’ve never been able to say, Lord, I could die for you, it’s time you make a decision. It’s time we all make a decision.

Chuck Pierce – ‘Cause the moment you submit yourself to Him, you say I’m dying for you.

Marty Cassady – That’s right. 24 years ago, I can remember it. I can remember the day, I could remember what the clouds looked like and the sun in Colorado and the beautiful pine trees. And He said Marty, I wanna tell you something. If you make a decision that your life is totally for me, whatever the cost, I will always be with you. He says those who are under My wing, the shelter of My wing, you are secure. You are secure. And He says this is a day of decision.

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