Thank Him for How He Made You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Linda Heidler
Date Given: November 20, 2022

LeAnn Squier – I’m just seeing a picture of a stream. It’s crystal clear and there’s a lot of detail on the bottom and sometimes we miss all the detail that God has hidden in the midst of that stream. And just as we were worshiping, it was just like the Lord was like, I’ve got a song here. I’m singing it over you and even the players and the singers and it’s all the detail of the song of the Lord and He’s the song of our life. He is our song and yet He’s singing back over us and He’s causing all creation to sound together.

I mean, He made the reeds that they made the flutes out of and that became and developed into musical instruments. You know, He made the skins that were the drums that came to develop into a full blown, you know, drum set. But it’s like He is the author of all music and part of that glorious flow is that all the details that He’s created and hidden in that stream, it’s just like pebbles and jewels on the bottom of that stream. And just so, I just wanna call your attention to that today ’cause if you weren’t seeing or hearing it, I think He wanted you to see it and hear it so you can know the depth of His creative ability and what He has done for man to enjoy and to receive from and what He’s chosen to speak through in different ways even in nature, in the wind, in the trees and everything He has created.

Chuck Pierce – Father, we wanna thank you today that you have made us. Just thank Him, thank Him for your body, thank Him for how He made you. You’re fearfully and wonderfully made. Quit longing to be something that He never meant for you to be. Like yourself for who He created you to be. Now like others for whom He has made them to be. When LeAnne was sharing that, I thought about how the Lord revealed the baptism of the Holy Spirit to me. There’s a stream. Once you give your heart over to the Lord, His spirit comes in to your spirit and it’s like this mighty rushing river is inside of you. But that river has to gush forward, it has to come forth.

And when I got baptized in the spirit and the spirit of God began to rise up in me, see, what it does is like it does pebbles in that beautiful stream. It’s gonna smooth out a lot of things that’s not smooth in you. It’s going to cause a path in you that’s never developed to develop. Father, we thank you this morning for Holy Spirit whom You have chosen to leave here in the earth to dwell within Your people. See, anti-Christ cannot take over this earth as long as the spirit of God is within us. Quit worrying about anti-Christ and all of his factions and illuminatis and all of that taking us over. You are here, tell somebody. Be baptized.

Linda Heidler – We’ve been talking a lot about how God has made us and I’m taking a class about ministering to those that are severely traumatized. And one of the things they’ve found is that they respond differently to different frequencies. And there are actually frequencies that will bring peace to your mind. There are frequencies that will lower your heart rate, that will cause you to rest, they’ll cause your anxiety to lessen. There are also frequencies that will increase those, that will increase your sense of discomfort and your sense of distress. And we need to understand the Lord has made us with receptors that we’ll be able to perceive vibration and it’s not just our ears.

We have receptors He’s built within us beyond just our ears. And one of those, that’s one of the ways we discern Holy Spirit is with receptors that are spiritual receptors. And in this season where there’s so much turmoil, I mean, there’s so much out there that wants to create that anxiety and wants to create, you know, unrest and fear. The Lord says, if we will tune in to the sound that Holy Spirit is releasing and we’ll pay attention to how He’s moving like that river in us, then what He’s doing in us can counteract what we’re hearing from out here. What He’s saying to us and the vibration that our body is sensing from Him can bring us into that place of peace even though we’re surrounded by turmoil. So I think in this season, the Lord wants us, you know, we say tune my ears to hear You, it’s like tune my, tune my spirit to sense Your spirit and how it’s moving. And, also, I just wanna say thank You, God, that You didn’t leave us at the mercy of our physical senses. But You have put receptors in us that superimposed themselves over what we’re sensing in the natural and in the physical and there are spiritual resources of peace that we can tap into because He made us that way.

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