The Bowls are Tipping

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Violet Dickson
Date Given: July 15, 2018

  • Chuck Pierce

Now, Pennye Konderla from Turkey brought these handmade, hand beaten bowls, five of them. One for each of God’s foundational gifts. And she said every time I hear James say, “The bowls are tipping.” I saw the bowls tipping. Now this bowl Pennye, this first bowl, we’re going to send to Israel to Daniel and Amber to have and if you’re watching out there if you’re listening to this, we say, the bowl in Jerusalem is about to shift and tip. This is for Israel. They called the last two weeks and said, “We’re gonna have to expand that ministry center, “because we already have 21 children that are there.” And I said, “Then, let’s start asking the Lord to break through “because the first intercession of the ministry center “was to get the embassy “and get Jerusalem decreed the capital of Israel.” This intercession is to realign the nation’s into Israel. Give me one more of the bowls. The second bowl Marty, come up here I wanna give you this. The Lord said, “This bowl you need to take it back “and poured out in Turkey.” The Lord said, “My early church expanded in Turkey. “My early church made its progress in Turkey.” Take the bowl back and pour it out. Give me the bowl.

  • Leann Squier

♪ Stretch it out to the nation ♪ ♪ Stretch it out ♪ ♪ Stretch it out ♪

  • Chuck Pierce

James, this bowl is for you. The Lord says, “I am ready to pour out worship throughout the nations. I’m ready for a house of worship to come forth in every nation. The sound of heaven, something the earth has not seen. I am ready for the sounds of heaven, to pour out throughout the nations of the earth, and that includes here in America, there will be an invasion in the nations of America. One more bowl. Keevy, Simon, Tiffany all of that age group, Oliver, Rebecca, all of you out there, just listen to this. I’m gonna extend this to Keevy. The Lord says Raven, you also, the Lord says, “It’s time for your sons and daughters to prophecy.” Now that’s for every one of you out here, I want you to say out loud your sons and daughters names. Whether they’re spiritual sons and daughters or physical sons and daughters. The Lord said, “I’m ready to pour the bowl out through ’em. “I’m ready to pour the bowl out through ’em.” It’s time for you to prophesy. And this is what God is saying, “You’re gonna have to get the layers.” Now hear me, “The layers of the word working in you. “You know the spirit, “but you have to get the layers “of my word working in you.” You’re looking at someone who God did big things in me to layer the word in me. Now James that’s a word when you’re talking about the restoration of the tabernacle of David, it’s got the word in Amos, layers, layers, layers, layers of the word. Put your hand on somebody and say you have not seen the layers shake that are about to shake in you.

  • Violet Dickson

While I was on the floor, I began seeing rain come down and they were huge, huge droplets and I opened my hand to catch the droplets. And they were solid silver, they were hammered silver. And as I looked at the big droplets of hammered silver that I was capturing in my hands, I looked at them and on each droplet of hammered silver, were words, they were were promises. And they were words from the word that were written on the silver. And I said, “Lord, let me bring this in. “Let me bring in all that I can, “and let me stretch it out and send it out.” And so, Lord, I thank you that this day, you are dropping down layers, layers of the word for us to consume, to take in and to spread out. Thank you, God. Thank you, Lord. That you’re pouring it out on us this morning, amen.

  • Chuck Pierce

This bowl is for this house and this center and the Lord says, “I’m gonna fill it with promises you’ve never seen poured out before. Father we say the bowls are tipping.

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