The Breakthrough Is Here

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, James Vincent
Date Given: February 6, 2022

Amber Pierce – The anointing on my belly has been so big and it’s something that’s so big, I haven’t felt in about a year, so I haven’t known what to do with it. But then the Lord showed me what it was. It was the breaker anointing.

Chuck Pierce – Right now put your hand right here. There is something being put together on your behalf to break you into that next place. He’s been working it out. You’ve been watching for it. You’ve been waiting on it. And now the breakthrough is here. Something is beginning to break. Something is beginning to break, shout it. I’m waiting for my next assignment. I’m waiting for it to be put together, James sing it over us again.

James Vincent – Yeah, somethings beginning to break somethings beginning to break somethings beginning to break somethings beginning to break

Chuck Pierce – Spirit of God, the Spirit of God’s here Some of you out on the web You need to stand up and shout things are beginning to break. And the Lord says, even that thing you expected that you didn’t see, I’ve been bringing it around in a different way, working it out, and now you’re gonna see the way I always planned it to happen. I say to you, I’m positioning you now for that which you will see happen. And the Lord says you’ve been fighting to stay alive. You’ve been fighting to come through that which death had surrounded you. And the Lord said now life is gonna move in and overtake that which death tried to rob.

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