The Church Structure in America Will Change

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: October 2, 2022

Robyn Vincent – I feel like we’re in a moment. I had a dream about three months ago and in this dream there was this, like new crop of kids coming in to the place. And when they were coming in I could see that they were on higher ground. It was not where we had known, it was nothing that was constructed here already. But they were coming in from a higher ground and it was like they had just gotten off the school bus and it was almost like they were coming in for a field trip and they were coming to tour the place. And I remember that as they pass, you know people were introducing themselves. But the thing that I remembered most after they passed by I said I didn’t know any of those children. That it was a whole different breed. It was a new breed of children. And I remember saying, “Okay, but none of those faces were familiar.”

And then I turned, because the scene switched and I looked where I was standing and I looked up and I saw that it was Restored Glory. But I knew what I was looking at. It was empty. It had been cleared out. And this was before you even announced that we were gonna change Restored Glory. My whole family can testify to this dream ’cause I shared it with them that I had no idea all of that was going to change when I had this dream. And so I remember standing there going, “Well, it’s Restored Glory but it’s empty.” And so I asked the Lord about this dream and He said that you were gonna have to make room for the glory to be restored. So, while we’re dealing with roots, I really feel like the Lord is onto something ’cause as I was reading Matthew 20 last night the Lord was showing me the attitudes of people that He had placed in His vineyard, where they thought they were entitled to a certain pay. They were entitled to a certain pay and a certain promise because the Lord had hired them at specific times to do a specific thing.

But the Lord said you cannot wear entitlement into this new season. You must make room if you truly want the glory of God to be restored. The Lord is like, I know where you stood, I planted you there. But that is not for you to get entitled. That is not for you to say I own this because it’s His vineyard. It’s His vineyard. And so God is saying, if you truly want the glory of God to come into this place in a new way let Him deal with your root systems. Let Him deal with your root systems this hour. Because He’s saying I wanna bring some new plantings that’s gonna bring Me glory in a whole new way. And if you make room, you will receive your reward too.

Chuck Pierce – Now, hear what Robyn’s saying. Somebody yesterday stopped me and said, “Haven’t you gone all over the world?” I said around it numerous, numerous times to 160 nations. I said, but that was a different season. See, it was an honoring wonderful season. But I said, What I’m doing right now is trying to find my footing where I’m at.” Now, I’m gonna tell you something. God is saying, I am ready to plant you new and fresh. I’m ready to get you established in a new way. You have fruit that you didn’t even know you had to produce. You have places that I have planned for you that you’ve never gone. And the Lord says, “Get ready, that old that’s trying to constrict you, I’m backing it off,” and I’m gonna make this statement last season’s church in America is not what next season’s gatherings will look like. So all of you out there that wanna come in, come on in and experience it.

Amber Pierce – As we’re speaking into really a spirit of evangelism, yesterday we had a really long baseball day and we it wasn’t supposed to be a long baseball day, but it was like a double header because all the games were backed up and I noticed as people, you know find out what we do and what this is, nobody goes to church. And I said to Daniel this morning, I said, “I’m really surprised how many people don’t go to church.” So I really just wanted to speak into our area even locally, I just, Father, we call them in locally, this Lake Cities area Corinth, Denton, Highland Village, Flower Mound. We speak into this area and we say give them up. We say, come into the house of God. We say be transformed. Father, we thank you for a harvest. I say a harvest, I say it is multiplying. I thank you Lord now in this moment for a great harvest in this area, in the name of Jesus.

Chuck Pierce – I’m telling you, God is saying this today. He’s saying, be who will draw people to you. Be joyous, celebrate, be jubilant, be bold and people will run to you. You’ll be sought after because they will need to be a part of who I am. Let’s sing it one more time.

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