The Commissioning of a Father

Voices: Justin Rana, Keevy Phillips, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: January 2, 2022

Keevy Phillips – Many of you know my testimony of not having a father, and God put somebody in my life. Didn’t matter that he was white. I just needed a dad. And my life has been forever changed, because He put him in my life. I couldn’t, I don’t think I would have met, I don’t think I would have met my wife again. My wife is from Congo. I don’t think I would have been able to go into an international union without an international house behind me. And God did that for me. And Chuck has a litany of kids, but somehow or another, this black kid from Fort Worth got him. But there is something that the sons of this house want to present to you. And Justin’s gonna explain a little bit more.

Justin Rana – Good morning. Yesterday my mother-in-law actually came to me and said that she felt like she was supposed to bring this sword up here. This sword is a commissioning sword, and you get this when you graduate from your military training and academy and you’re commissioned to be sent into battle. So that’s what this is.

Tobias Lyons – So Chuck, in the midst of this, we say over you from sons and from daughters that the word that you have eaten over the last 18 months is gonna become a new weapon for new warfare. We say that your health, your wholeness and your healing is on the way. We say there is a new portion of shalom in the new commissioning. And Father, we speak over him as a father, and we say that there are new weapons of war that he’s gonna be able to see. We say that the realms of heaven that you showed him a few years ago are gonna become reality in his life. We say that his perspective is changing. It’s up at a higher level. We say that just as he has eaten the word, Lord, that it’s gonna become like a two-edged sword in the midst of him. His words will carry authority in this season. His words will carry a greater love in this season. His words will carry a manifestation of life in this season. And those that are in this house will be representations and manifestations of the wealth that you have put in him. So Lord, we release him as sons and daughters. We release him to go forth, Lord, into the new commissioning that you have for him. Lord, and we say that there is a great wealth that has been uncovered in the generations that will now begin to manifest as he moves into his new assignment in this season.

Keevy Phillips – There’s nothing else to say but we send you forth to go forth.

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