The Days of Hiding Have Passed

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jim Stockstill
Date Given: October 14, 2018

– [Jim Stockstill] – Wanna share an unusual vision that I just saw. Lord help on them to understand what you’re saying. There’s a place called Narnia. And I saw beaver, Miss Beaver. The four children of Adam hiding. It had been a long winter. They hadn’t had Christmas and hundreds of years. And they were hiding because they had been to the worst. And they heard a noise above them and they expected the worst. And the Lord says, “It’s not the worst, it’s the best.” In that one, it was Santa he had come again. And this one, it’s the father that is come. Winter is broken. It’s losing its grip.

– [Chuck Pierce] Now here this.

– [Jim Stockstill] Because I am present and when I am present, the powers of evil have no strength and have no power to hold back that which I want to bloom and to blossom. And with each one of them he gave them a gift. Gift of the warfare, but it wasn’t to warfare because he had defeated the enemy. He was to rule and reign as Kings and Queens and prevail. And the Lord says, “I am bringing you gifts in this season. “The winter is broken, it’s past. “I want you now to take my mantle “to take those gifts that I’ve given to you “and I want you to rule and reign from my glory.” Saith the Lord.

[Chuck Pierce] – Wow! That’s a word from God. Using the analogy of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series. I decree right now, we’re moving from being hidden. Now hear me carefully. That word I gave went through October the 10th remain hidden, remain hidden and watch out for danger’s coming. I gave that word in Florida and October the 10th, you saw the hurricane hit Florida. One of the most devastating hurricanes that have ever hit Florida. The Lord said, beware. Danger is coming. But I say. “Now fear not that time of my people hiding is over. “They are coming forth to to decree their faith and to rule and reign in a new way.” Sheryl Price sent this word off the web. For in this season of hiding, I have sharpened your ability to discern. I’ve sharpened your ability to use My word for the release of My glory. For My spirit and word are glory’s momentum within you. The earth now must make way for My glory bearers. Tell somebody you are a glory bearer.

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