The Death Shroud Is Being Removed

Voices: Becca Greenwood
Date Given: January 28, 2024

Becca Greenwood – And I hear the Lord saying, He says, “This is the season where the death shroud is being removed off your family bloodline and DNA.” He says, “Hey, sons and daughters, don’t you feel the glory that is resting on you?” And He says, “It is a time to step out of the old into the new.” So we’re gonna do a prophetic act together on the count of three because you’re going to step out of that death shroud that has come down your family line, and He is going to bring you into the new. In the Miracle Center, Chuck, we had lungs opened up and healed. We had deaf ears open up and healed. So when you come forward, not only is that death shroud breaking off of you, you are stepping into your divine moment of healing this morning. So when we count to three, one, two, three. Hey!

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