The Defender Angel Has Been Released

Voices: Amber Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: January 7, 2024

Keith Pierce – The Lord just showed me something very specifically. And the Lord would say to you and Pam, both, there was a season in life where I released safe passage. A safe passage came. He has gone with you. He has traveled with you. He is ministered alongside of you. But today is a day in 2024 that you are start traveling again. And there is another angel that I’m bringing forth this time, not only for you, but for your household. And the name of this angel is called Defender. He said you will see and see very clearly the plane, the messages, the gathering, your backyard, your living room, your household rise up with a different flourishing that has never been flourished before. Seas that have been dormant will be released. Defender is rising. Defender is rising and I have released Defender to remove infirmity from all areas. Where the weakness has occurred, strength will abound. Where ashes have been, beauty will be brought forth. Where the ancient ruins that no one thought could be restored, I will use Defender to yield his sword. In the yielding of the sword, it will break a curse from yesterday and it will break an assignment from tomorrow. This is a year of prosperity, wealth, and restoration, in Jesus’ name.

Amber Pierce – Over the past few weeks, the Lord’s been showing me very clearly places where people have been cursed. And the reason I would say this publicly is because I know there are more people who will pray than who will curse. And so, the Lord had showed me that there was, that somehow, there was a curse that had been affecting Pam’s health. So I know this body will pray for Pam and that curse is already being broken and started yesterday. So Father, right now, we thank you for Pam. We thank you for her health. We thank you for her body and we break the curse and uproot it entirely and her health will be restored to 10 times bigger than what it even was. Father, we thank you for lifting, uprooting that which has affected Pam’s health.

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