The Destiny of My Generals is Coming Forth

Voices: Anne Tate, Ed Watts
Date Given: October 26, 2020

Anne Tate – One of the first things that Janice and I and Donnie did, we came into this body is we gave you a… A helmet with five stars. And you took those five stars to Israel. And the Lord says, This is the day that the fulfillment of all of that is coming to pass. The thing I put in your destiny from the beginning, is now coming forth. And the Lord says you were created to be a General of the troops, that move troops across the earth. And the Lord said, you’ve sent no one yet, compared to those you will send now, the Lord says you are sending redemption, salvation and restructuring across the earth.

Ed Watts – Then the Lord had me get Chuck two five star pins. The lord gave me the word the same time that He’s raising up five star Generals, Generals of great grace. And today, the Lord is commissioning Generals of great grace and it’s gold and silver. He said, the armies of Heaven will march with the armies of Earth. And this is now a worship warship. This is the deck of a worship warship, the flagship that will commission many warships in the next 20 years in Jesus name.

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