The Dismantling Is Producing a Greater Glory

Voices: Linda Heidler
Date Given: September 13, 2020

– Linda Heidler

Earlier, Chuck had a word about the glory, about glory and greater glory, and as soon as he said that, the Lord said, “The only way you get to glory is through suffering.” He said, “If you read the word, “if you’re gonna get to glory, “the only way through it, is on a road of suffering.” And I thought, well, I don’t know that I can get up there and release that encouragement to people. But, as the service has progressed, what I’ve seen is the Lord is saying, “There had to be the scattering. “There had to be the dismantling, “because the level and weight of glory “that I want to deposit could not be held “in the structure as it was.” He said, “Even some of you have felt “like you had been dismantled “over the last six months.” You’ve just felt like the Lord has taken you apart. The Lord said, “Watch while I put you together “in a way that you can receive and display “a greater measure of my glory “than you have ever had.” He said, “In this place, watch and see “how I have dismantled, and I will reassemble “for greater glory than you could have imagined “would have been able to be contained “in a physical structure.” That covering that Chuck just talked about, that tent that comes over us. He says, “My glory will cover. “My glory will cover.” So Lord, we thank you for the dismantling. We thank you for the scattering. We thank you for the suffering that we’ve gone through over these last months. Now, Lord, we look with great expectation to see what you are going to reassemble to receive the weight of glory and the manifestation of your glory that you want to release.

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