The Displacement and Irritation of Joints Is Being Healed

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Rebecca Greenwood, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: January 30, 2022

Rebecca Greenwood- I just wanna make this declaration over you because it goes with the sound and it goes with the step, and I’m not gonna preach, I’m just gonna share briefly and release the decree. I actually was limping for the past six months because of an injury in my leg. And then when we were here in the Orchard Room on Friday night and I got up and I released the sound that the Holy Spirit was birthing in me in warfare, in this new era, the finger of Jesus came and touched my left thigh and hip, and every joint snapped into place. So I want to release this prophetic declaration and decree that every area where there is a sound that you have been wrestling with as Jacob wrestled with the Lord for the new identity in the Holy Spirit era, that as you release this sound, your joints will be snapped into place and you will carry the ruach breath of life. You will no longer be lame and limp from the wrestling, but you will run the race of the Holy Spirit, fire and sound for the new era.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, wow, wow. Now let me add one more thing to that. See, my joints are place but very, very swollen. And the Lord says, “I put you in many places and I have now assigned to a new place, do not kick against the pricks, strain every nerve in you to allow that new connection that I am making with you to occur. I say to you, do not allow the friction around you to irritate you beyond your peace. I say I will give you peace, I break the power of irritating force off of you.”

Robyn Vincent – And I wanna say this because God is aligning, there’s a synchronization happening. When Chuck said, “Harmony,” I knew the Lord was saying, “This is what I’m doing in this moment.” This sound that God has released in here today is beginning to reset and reorder some things. So when they’re saying, “Do not kick against it,” what He’s saying, “Is get in the flow of this–” Get in the flow of this new synchronization that I’m doing.” Because what I’m seeing in the spirit is that Judah will be called to go first even in business meetings. I’m hearing the Lord say that, “Judah will be called to create the atmosphere for Me to come down in.” So hear the Lord, get in the flow so that you will know when Judah needs to go first, and it will be easier for you to harvest in this season.

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