The Double Doors of Blessing Are Open

Voices: Anne Tate, Keith Pierce
Date Given: November 12, 2023

Anne Tate – And the Lord says, “that because you did that in 1979, I’m opening the double doors of all my riches, all my glory, and extended my scepter to you to fulfill the days that are left to you. There will be nothing that can stop you. I’m raising you as an Esther, and you will carry the scepter that is extended by me,” says the Lord our God. And he says that, “As you move with that scepter, you will decree a thing, and it will come to pass over a nation, over nations, over houses, over everything that you survey.” The Lord says, “I am directing your gaze. I am directing your authority. I am directing everything within you.” There’ll be no blessing that you fail to receive. Every blessing that comes from my throne will be yours. Not only have you liberated yourself and your family, but you have liberated this family and these nations that come here and know that Jesus is Lord. And there is a Father in Israel who will father you and bring you to the fullness of all that I have called for your destiny.

Keith Pierce – Y’all extend your hands to Chuck. You know, here’s the neat thing about being Chuck’s brother. I’ve known Chuck longer than anybody else on this earth. And one thing that I know is I know Chuck. And when he said up here, and he talked about giving away, see, I know the Pierces. And there’s this one thing that I just saw that the Lord told me that I had all the authority in the world to release to Chuck. And here’s the deal, Chuck. The Lord spoke to me before Anne said it. He said, “I have called you like Esther, and I’ve called you in the midst of debauchery, that you will walk in a place that people do not understand and then you will come in my house of worship, and you will take your stand. And when you take your stand, it always causes Haman to be upset.” And he said, “But today is the day my son. I have anointed you to go into the nations, the house of worship, but also the places of debauchery. Haman and that spirit of self-exaltation, overthrown and hung on his own gallows.” And he said, “Because you’re willing to do this when other apostles, prophets, teachers shy away,” He said, “I’m feeling very generous over you today.” And He said, “I’m giving you half the kingdom.” He said, Hold out your hand, Chuck. He said, “I’m being very honest with you. I’m placing it on your hand, a new signet ring of authority.” And He said, “But I will use you to save a people group that others has scorned at and turned their nose at.” He said, “But today is the day that the Pierces were called. They were given treasures at the ancient heels, but they were never selfless enough to let go of it.” He said, “My son, because you were selfless and let go of fortunes upon fortunes, and shared it with many upon many, today, the treasures of the ancient hills, I am whispering, whistling, and snapping my fingers, and the fallow ground is breaking. The curse of yesterday on the land is broken, but today is a day inside of you, the oak of righteousness of yesterday. I’ve uprooted to plant the new establishment of the oak of tomorrow that will bring forth much fruit in due season and the streams around your feet will never dry.”

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