The Furnace of Miracles Is Burning

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Dee Dee Roberts, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: January 29, 2023

Lisa Lyons – Here’s where I saw the fire this morning when I was walking in. I came down that hallway by the Miracle Center and if y’all been reading your emails, you know we’ve worked on the ceiling, and there’s a new covering in that Miracle Center. And the Lord said to me so clearly, He said, “That place has been in a Genesis One state. It has been in a state of emptiness and a state without form.” But He said is, “That new covering has come upon me. My spirit is hovering over the face of miracles, the face of My fire in that Miracle Center, just as I did at the creation of the Earth. And you have to know. That now is the beginning for that fire to fall. Now is the beginning that I speak, and I separate light and darkness in that place, and I cause the miracles to come forth. And I am visiting this place, and visiting the Earth, out of the place of miracles.”

Chuck Pierce – This is how the Lord showed me that center. Let’s turn there. Keep that door on. Turn there. Point your hands toward it. The Lord said, “It’ll be like the furnace of Daniel’s friends.” The Lord said, “It’ll be seven times hotter. It will be so hot that when people walk in, they will have faith to overtake their enemies. They will not burn up. They will be ignited in a new way. And when they go out, the fear of the Lord will be upon them, and everywhere they walk, that fear of God will cause people to fall under its shadow.”

Dee Dee Roberts – What the Lord is saying is, “With those embers inside of you those tongues of fire begin to erupt with flames.” The Lord said, “Let the wind of God, let Me breathe on you because I have a back draft that’s going to begin to blow those around you and erupt them in fire. You are in alignment of a troop, and you are not by yourself, but realize you must be a burning one that will begin to erupt fires all around you.”

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