The Harvest Multiplication Will Produce Leftovers

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: September 11, 2021

Keith Pierce – You know, I want everybody to stop what they’re doing and hold out their left and right hand. And I want you, just hold it out right here in front of you. And I want you to look at your left and I want you to look at your right as being two baskets. And I want you to look in your left and see what you have, and I want you to look in your right and see what you have. And I tell you why. The Lord showed me very, very clearly when Chuck was speaking Friday morning, that this was a time that you saw the harvest miraculously. And in the limitation of your mind, you limit what He desires to do to use you for harvest.

So I begin to pray and ask God to reveal a moment for us, and this is what Cindy walked up to me earlier and she said something. I said, “but that’s what God’s saying. He saying the fish and the loaves.” And that’s the reason why I’m up here. Now I want everybody to look at your hands and listen, the Spirit of God showed me very, very clearly. This is a time that I will use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This is the time that I will take little and turn it into much. This is the time that I will take the left and the right that are two different entities of life, and I will bring them together in a complimentary fashion, that when they unite, not only will I multiply, I will multiply again, and I will multiply one more time. But these supernatural miraculous in it will be there will always be leftovers. There will always be leftovers for you to feed that one more thing that you thought was starving because when you sow into it, not only will it multiply, but health and well being will come to it and you will see what you thought was dry and lost become fertile and found in My holy name. Give the Lord a shout as you put your hand together.

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