The Heat of My Fire Is Rising in the Earth

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Jackie Balla
Date Given: March 24, 2024

Brian Kooiman – There is a sound that’s beginning to pierce to new levels. He said, your sound has been tied to the ground, but this is a day that your sound is beginning to take flight. He says, let my sound in, you be buoy. He says, let it go up, but not as a hot air balloon. He says, my sound in you is going to begin to break the sound barriers. He said, lets your sound begin to go because He said, I will send, I will direct, and I will unlock with the release of your sound.

Chuck Pierce – I’m straight to you. Heat is rising in the earth realm. It is the heat of my people. They are stirring up a heat wave that will come across this land. I say, I am collecting heat. I am collecting that move of fire and I am rolling it into balls. And watch as I began to release balls of fire on places throughout the lands. I’ll say to you, heat is rising from the earth. My fire is rising.

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