The King Is in the Field of Hawaii

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Chad Foxworth, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: August 28, 2022

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord would say to you four, “That as I have taken you out of the land “of your nativity,” the Lord says, “I’ve had to take you out “so the land that you love can start afresh. “I desire to hit a reset button on the Kingdom of Hawaii.” And the Lord says that, “I desire to revive the kingly anointing “and the priestly anointing of that land. “But I had to take the priests “out of the land to show the land “what it’s missing,” says the Lord. The Lord says, “Not only did you come out “just to move here, to be a part of us, “but I am healing this the mainland because a king has come “to the mainland and revived the mainland “with the kingdom anointing that I desire “to possess this hour.” You are the king that is in the field and you represent the King of Kings. The Lord says that as you are moving in this mainland in days ahead you will carry revival on your feet of the kingdom of God that is to be expressed on the mainland of the United States of America.

And the Lord says, “As you go back to Hawaii, “you are going to remind them “that they do not serve a culture. “They serve a King,” says the Spirit of the Lord. The Lord says you are awakening the warrior spirit of fighting for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lord. The Lord says, “I’m coming to war “with the spirit of tradition that has hit that land. “And I desire a fruitful relationship “with the Kingdom of Hawaii.” As you go back, you take the power of revival with you as you go. You take the spirit of reconciliation as you go. You take the power of worship as you go, in Jesus’ name. And Father, we say to her, as she goes back to Hawaii, there is a level of mothering that is coming back to her again, to pastor the land as she goes back. Father, as she goes back, we say that the land will begin to rejoice like never before. Father, we send them forth in Jesus’ name, and Father, we cry here on the mainland for revival. Lord, come as the King in the field and revive our hearts again, says the Lord.

Chad Foxworth – I just want to say this before Barbara says something. This is a perfect example of what God is doing with us. He is sending us as a signet ring. They are going as a signet ring into their own land and putting an imprint into that place. Lord, lift your hands, people. Lord, we say right now, Lord God, send us as the signet ring with Your authority, Father, to imprint on the land in Jesus’ name.

Barbara Wentroble – When I looked at you this morning, I heard the Lord say that He’s putting the spirit of Nehemiah upon you, for Nehemiah was one who lived in a comfortable place. He was in the king’s palace, but he was willing to give up the comfortable place to fulfill the will of the Lord. And God said, “You’ve been willing to sacrifice a comfortable place “so that you might help a people move “into the plan of God for their nation.” God said, even as it was in the time of Nehemiah, there was a people, and they had tried for so long to build what God wanted to build and were unable. So God had to send a Nehemiah with a building anointing. God said, “You’re coming forth “with a building anointing in this hour, “and you will build “in the earth that that God has been desiring.” God says, “You’ll not look back “at the sacrifice you’ve made to move into “from that comfortable place into an uncomfortable place.” But God said, “There will be such joy in you, “because you will see the fruit of your labor. “You will see the manifest presence of God “come into that place, “and what others have not been able to build in days past “you will build because of the fresh mantle “that God has placed upon you.” So God says, a Nehemiah building anointing He is releasing on you.

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