The Lord is Dropping His Word on You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: February 10, 2019

– Chuck Pierce – This morning I was reading the book of Jeremiah. And I got to Jehoiakim, and how Jeremiah had written on a scroll the word of the Lord. And he and his sons took it, and they would read a portion of it. Then they would burn it, because they had no respect for it. And they said, we don’t care what the prophet says, we’re gonna burn this word.

And at the end, the Lord had Jeremiah re-prophesy, re-scroll the word, and pronounced a curse upon his household, the king’s household. And I said, Lord, we never want to disregard a word that You speak. We never want to push aside something that You’ve said. Father, we embrace Your word. We honor Your word. Your word is living. Your word is alive. Your word is power. Your word is authority. We say, Your word is dwelling among us.

LeAnn Squier- Before Chuck began to speak that, a few minutes ago I was seeing little strips of paper falling with words on them. And they were falling to all of you. And the Lord was dropping His word down on you. And I literally cannot believe Chuck just said that. I saw it, and it was like there are rhema words that are activated over you right now. Right for this moment, for this time. They’re keys, they’re keys forward.

They’re answers to dilemmas. There’s activated words. Rhema words from His mouth that are so specific to you. So Lord we just receive right now that word that You are sending on those tiny scrolls from heaven, Lord. And we thank You right now. We say, we honor Your word. We treasure Your word. We magnify Your word, Lord. We embrace Your word. Father God, we receive Your word and we hide it in our hearts. And Lord, we thank You today!

Chuck Pierce – Now the Lord is saying this. And He’s saying, “This week, you’re gonna hear Me in unusual ways. Don’t disregard My word this week.” Now honestly, the Spirit of God, that passage is so obscure, and so strange in Jeremiah. And for the Lord to take me there, and then for LeAnn to see this. The Lord is saying, “I’m bringing a word to you.” Tell someone, “I’m bringing a word to you.” The Lord says, “I’m bringing a word to you. Listen carefully, I am bringing a word to you. It will come down from heaven. Ask Me and revelation will come.”

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