The Lord Is Restoring His People’s True Expression

Voices: Robyn Vincent
Date Given: May 31, 2020

  • Robyn Vincent

I’ve listened to everything that has come forward today, and because it’s Pentecost Sunday, we’re actually celebrating Pentecost on Sunday. One of the things that the Lord has highlighted to me during this time is that he is returning the expression. And so he said to me, he said, “Remember.” Every one of them heard their language on the day of Pentecost, in the book of Acts. Every nation, every tribe heard the Lord causing an impartation for them, for them, for their tribe, for their tongue. And I think it’s really important ’cause when we’re talking about moving forward together, when we’re talking about reconciliation, many things were never together. So it can’t even be reconciled, it only can be put back and restored in the right way. Certain things were never together. But God is saying, “I’m bringing forth a new expression.” “I’m bringing forth a new expression in the earth.” And so I wanna say to my people, because when we came to this land, our expression was taken from us. It was stolen from us. Our language was taken from us. Everything we believed we could not be. We couldn’t be who we were. So I’m saying when you’re talking about restoration, can people just be? Can they just express? Can they just speak? Can I walk with you and you accept me for who I am? Let me tell you, when we first came to Texas, where’s Anita? Anita, stand up. I’ll never forget it. I will never forget the day I came to Texas and that woman and her husband welcomed me and my husband into her house. And she said, come in and worship with us and we want y’all two to lead. I said, they don’t even know us. They don’t even know our names. What do you mean you want me to come and lead worship in your house? And they loved us. They hugged us. They knew us by the spirit. Clancy stand up. This woman and her husband have adopted our whole family from the day we met them. She didn’t know where we came from. She didn’t know our background. She didn’t know if I had been put in jail or not. But you know what, when she sees my kids, she says, where’s my grands? Where’s my grands? She knew us by the spirit. And when you’re talking about a higher way coming in, the angels are bringing forth a greater expression. Let me help you. That expression is love. That expression is love. There is no higher law in the earth than love. There is no higher law. The ways of God is love. The laws of God is love. And I’m telling you, we’ve gone to every nation, just about, we’ve gone to so many different nations and guess what? I don’t know their language, but love translates. Love always translates and it never fails and God is looking, He’s looking to say, “who is expressing me? Who is expressing my law in the earth?” The law that trumps every other law in the earth. Because I promise you when you express it, they will know you’ve been sent. They will know you are calling their name. The God of heaven and earth is speaking directly to them because of what you are expressing from heaven. So I wanna say this to you because this is not an ordinary Pentecost. No, it’s not. Heaven has come down. Heaven has come down not just at Passover but at Pentecost to say, “Are you expressing me?” Because I hear the Lord saying, “Live and not die. Live, live, live and not die.” You shall not die, but you shall express the glory that I put within you and I’m telling you some, I think it was Leanne who said, you’re going to have to learn to walk together. That’s what it’s all about. This, all of everything that you see going on in the earth is because there has been lack of relationship. There has been lack of relationship and I’m telling you, God is saying, “Who’s willing, who’s willing, who’s willing to do the new thing? Who’s the willing to do the new thing?” Stand up if you are willing to do the new thing. Thank you father. Father, we say, God, Lord God, we come to you. We humble ourselves. Lord, we humble ourselves before you and we say, God, we are willing to go the way you’ve called us to go. We’re willing to be what you’ve called us to be. We’re willing God to do what you’ve called us to do. Yes, we know who we are. Yes, we know who we are. Yes, we know God. We are called to be just like you.

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