The Lost & Blocked Springs of the Nations are Bursting Forth Again

Voices: Chuck Pierce, James Vincent
Date Given: April 11, 2020

James Vincent – ♪ And the locked springs The blocked springs They are being opened up again I see locked springs And blocked springs Opening up again ♪

Chuck Pierce – That’s a sign That’s a sign

James Vincent – ♪ Let’s them burst forth again Let them burst forth again Let them burst forth again Let the dry ground be parched With the spirit of the living God And these springs burst forth again ♪

Chuck Pierce – That’s a sign That’s a sign

We speak it into Georgia, we speak it into Germany, into Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia. It means the Earth is now giving up the waters that have been blocked. I see it in Arkansas. I see it in Vermont. I just heard the Lord say the black hills are beginning to rejoice. There’s a richness of my glory. I see it in desert areas, in Israel. I see springs will be uncovered. I say to Northwest New Mexico. God says, “Fall now on your knees and cry out for My spirit to come, and I will loose a healing wind to come through there.”

The Lord says to China, “I have a remnant that’s going deeper, and as this remnant goes deeper, their roots will get stronger, and they will rise and shake the land, and shake the nations with my spirit. Korea, New Zealand, the British Isles, Great Britain, the Iroquois Indians, the native first people that I sent here to cause a nation to come into My government. I say watch now, for there is a quickening, and new doors will now open for you.” I say I’m putting a halt to religious discussions, and I say I’m recording spiritual awakenings that are being conversed throughout the land.

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