The Movement for the Future Is Being Cut Loose

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Marty Cassady, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Susan Shaulis – I saw something when Betty said the word puppet. And suddenly, I saw the Lord come with a sword, and begin to sever puppet strings all over. And I saw people dropping down. And we were rejoicing, because we thought, “Finally, they’ve fallen.” But the Lord said, like Chuck said, “No, those are the bones that you’re gonna prophesy, because I have an appointment with them to resurrect in My power. And though they’ve known the dark side, they’re gonna begin to know the light side. So see that you’re perspective aligns with my perspective when the puppets begin to fall!

Chuck Pierce – Listen, let’s pray this right now. Father, we need You to come down and cut loose what needs to be cut loose. Sheryl Price sent me something this morning. A dream she had. She said, “A golden curved sword came out of heaven and literally cut things loose so that it could reform.” And she said she saw the House of Representative cut loose and out of a control and a deception that it needed to be cut loose from. Father, we say right now, “You’re cutting loose. You’re cutting deception off. You’re cutting loose the movement for the future.” We say, “The movement for the future is being cut loose.” We’re cutting it loose, in Jesus name!

Marty Cassady – Before Susan came up, I heard the Lord say, “Make a decree,” and I was standing over there saying, “What do you want decreed?” He’s said, “There is such an agreement between heaven and earth right now. In between Passover and Pentecost, He’s doing something that is so supernatural. And He says, “I am about to loose an angelic army to begin to cut off the blinders. To begin to cut loose into freedom, those things that I have meant to become free.” So we decree, we decree in agreement with heaven that He is sending forth an angelic army this day!”

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