The Old Shed Will Shed Its Roof

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Maggie Wallace
Date Given: December 31, 2022

Maggie Wallace – Speaking in Toungues

Keevy Phillips – For the Lord says, I’ve set this nation in time. And the Lord says, I have set this nation on its new course says the spirit of the Lord. And the Lord says, as you have gathered and you have worshiped. know as the clock strikes midnight tonight, that this nation has changed. I say, you’ll feel the bubbling of unrest, but know that it is Me, says the spirit of the Lord. I have set this nation in time tonight, says the spirit of the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – And this is how he spoken it to me. He showed me this nation and other nations. He said, it will be like an old shed that I blow the roof off of. The Lord says, get ready, I’m gonna blow the roof off of this nation this year, and you’re going to see light where dust was. You’re gonna see rain come in where dryness was. I say, get ready, the old shed is about to shed its roof.

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