The One Who Removes Scattering Has Come to Identify, Gather, & Multiply

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: May 24, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Right now, don’t just stand for a moment. Let Him redo the cells within you the way He wants Him to respond to Him right now. He’s removing scattering there was an an angel came in here earlier, the angel said, “My name is the one who remove scattering.” He was standing behind Janice. Let’s allow the Spirit of God to do something in us that needs to be done.

Keith Pierce – You know, when that angel came down behind Janice, the Lord spoke to me and He said “Today is the day that I have released identifier where you stood in a place of familiarity and you allowed the enemy to scatter you to the north winds. I have brought identifier back to stand beside you as in the days of Jacob. As your name was one yesterday, you will be defined and re-identified to be given the name of kingdom that I’ve placed on you. I have brought you to a point to war, war and war again, but the warring is coming to an end because I am fixing to identify you in a new way that will stop scattering and release gathering that the four winds will blow In the direction that my breath is being released,

He says, “Stand up and put your hand on your right hip “and say I will wrestle to dawn.” Because today is the day that you are renewing, redefining and refining my DNA and bringing forth a new order of worship. That will put the enemy in his place, and cause my kingdom to arise. The voice of fear will destroy a nation, but the voice of God will build a kingdom. The Lord said “Reach up “and let identifier identify you, “that you may go forth with a resounding sound of worship, “that my presence will be established “wherever you’re at in this day from this day forward”.

Chuck Pierce – I hear the Lord saying, “This is the beginning of My gathering. “This is the beginning of Me regathering. “What I have dispersed”. Many of you are on the verge of incredible, incredible prosperity. A curse from the past, a curse over father that needs to break is breaking off of us right now. Past dimensions where things were robbed from you, the Lord says “I’m gathering that and I’m putting in the new “and I’m causing a multiplier to be attached to it.” So what was robbed from you will now multiply in the new place that I have you in.

The Lord says “My people have not understood multipliers. “But now I’m sending multipliers. “I’m sending multipliers “that will cause a multiplying effect over losses”. The Lord says, “Return not to that place “where the enemy robbed you. “And the enemy created black holes around you “and caused you to feel like there were vacuums “operating in your life. “I say to you, I am the God who can fill the black holes. “I am the God that can set you in the midst of a movement, “that you need to be in. “I say movements of prosperity now are being aligned. “Movements of My Spirit are being aligned , “movements of harvest are being aligned. “I say to you now, I am resetting the order “of your movement in days ahead”.

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