The Peace of God Is Healing Hearts

Voices: Bob McGregor, Chuck Pierce, Joe Burkett, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: November 20, 2022

Susan Shaulis – I saw a word over us and it’s from the word, and it said, “Let the peace of God rule and reign in your hearts through Christ Jesus.” There is a ruling and a reigning that we carry in that peace because of who He is. And I declare that today it is embossed so strongly upon your hearts that as you go out and as you come in, as you rise up and as you go down, you will know that you are encased, your mind and your heart in the peace of God. That is the ruling and the reigning and the lordship of our king.

Bob McGregor- A couple of weeks ago, our worship was so deep and so pretty and soft, and again this morning, and the Lord said to me, it actually kinda showed me a quick picture. And I’m looking at the throne of God and Jesus at his right hand and Jesus leans over and He says, “Do you hear that?” He said, “I don’t mean their voices, I mean their hearts. I hear their hearts and it’s beautiful.” And then two or three days later, the Lord gave me something else and He said, “There are so many who are in the body of Christ and they see themselves as part of the body of Christ. That’s not a bad thing.” But the Lord says, “I want you to see yourself as an individual. I want you to see yourself as someone special in My eyes”, because me, Keith, Penny, whoever, anybody yeah, Anita, whoever you are, God says, I see your heart. I hear your heart song, and it’s beautiful.

Joe Burkett – This has been a theme this morning about hearts And God said, I’m gonna heal hearts. He said, hearts that have holes murmur. Hearts that have holes…

Chuck Pierce – Joe turn around, speak that into the web.

Joe Burkett – The Spirit is saying He wants to heal hearts because hearts that have holes murmur and they make a sound. They make a frequency. So God wants to heal hearts this morning, He wants to stop the murmuring.

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