The Rats Are Being Driven From the Tunnels

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Jane Arenas, Raven Vincent, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: January 1, 2023

Chuck Pierce – While we’re in here worshiping, the garden staff that Pam leads, they got out there early this morning. There were rats building tunnels all under the agro forest and then going up under into where the chickens are. So they’re in there busting up the rat tunnels. Let’s thank God for that. You gonna have to do what it takes this year to stop the enemy from coming into your territory.

Anne Tate – There is a coming together and an entering into the eternal that began this morning too as that was prophesied and announced, because when Chuck said that about the tunnels and the rats, what the Lord said to me was that when this airs in Israel, there’ll be a testimony of driving the rats from the tunnels in Israel. It’s like we’ve gone into the future, by the prophetic act that was performed, that is being performed this morning. And watching Israel is one of the things that we’re called to do in this new season. And the Lord is going there. And by the time this is aired there’ll be testimonies from the rats that have been driven out of the tunnels in Israel.

Chuck Pierce – Lord, we speak that down along the border. We speak it throughout. We say that that which is trafficking in wrong ways. We speak it into Atlanta, we speak it into Washington DC. We speak it into Houston. We say the rats are being driven from the tunnels.

Jane Arenas – Speaking in Tounges

Raven Vincent – I hear the Lord saying, I can hear it so clearly through that tongue. The Lord is saying I am calling My people to abide in My hovering. I am calling My people to abide in My glory. Abide, dwell in My glory, dwell in the hovering. It’s, it’s not like a blanket that’s coming. He’s saying, you dwell there. You live there. And this new year and this new season, I’m calling you to abide. I’m calling My people to abide in the glory, to live each day abiding in the dwelling, in the glory.

Jane Arenas – And there has been an attack in the homes of families. And the Lord says, mothers stand up and come against that. Rise up and face your doors and say you will not enter. I am lifting up the intercession in the women of the homes and you will begin to rise up in the middle of the night. You’ll begin to rise up when I call you, and you’ll begin to come against those attacks that are coming against the homes and the families. I am lifting up warriors of mothers, in intercession rise up, do not cease, continue to push against the darkness that wants to enter into your home. He will not have you. He will not have your promises. He will not have the words that God has spoken over you. You will see victory in your family. You will see victory in your homes. Every children, every child that you birthed out, the Lord says they are Mine. Bring them to Me. Bring them to Me, and I will save them from that darkness.

Susan Shaullis – For He says the rats have tried to come in and steal the cock crowing sound of the time of intercession and I’m returning My people back to the hour where the rooster crows and you will awaken. You’ll see deep into the darkness, and you will begin to prophesy to that darkness to come into the light. So know, I am beginning to restore the cock crowing sound of My people.

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