The Sound of Communion

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: January 13, 2019

Now lift up your elements. I want you to really listen. The Lord spoke to me and He said, “As deep calls to deep. I’m calling the sound from the soul of man to arise and give me praise.” He said, “Even in your spirit, there is an unction today to worship me in ways you’ve not worshiped me before.” He said, “Let deep rise up inside of you and launch out in the deep in a new way. Cause the days of communion with me are welcoming you in, past yourself, past your preconceived ideas, past your ambition. My spirit is longing for your spirit to awaken, arise, align, and advance.” Do this in remembrance of thee, cause truly, His blood and His brokenness has saved you, healed you, delivered you, and given you a life abundantly through out time in His holy name. And everyone said, “Amen.”

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