The Sound of My Blood Is Awakening the Land

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Eleanor Roehl, Negiel Bigpond
Date Given: March 27, 2021

Negiel Bigpond – The First Nation people are going to step to a place like they’ve never stepped to before. They’re going to rise up as warriors not as the days of old, but the days of new. And what they’re bringing is a great breakthrough on the land. It’s time to redeem the land again. It’s time to redeem the land again, and again and again, and again. In order to redeem the land you must trust the land. You must speak to the land. You must touch the land. You must taste the land. You must anoint the land. You must pray over the land. And blow, I want to shofars to blow right now.

Chuck Pierce – Let’s decree right now that a giant, ’cause I’m not sure the giant was awakened fully in 2011. You say right now, there is a new sound of the blood of the land flowing through my blood by His spirit. Now raise those shofars. A shaking sound.

Negiel Bigpond – Awake 2021, 2021. 2021 awake, awake, awake, awake. Awake, awake, awake.

Eleanor Roehl- And I say to you this day that I have set kingdom order into place. And I say that the land has awakened in a new way, that yesterday is gone and that you have, you have unlocked your future into tomorrow. I say that we have blocked the enemy this day, and that you have stepped into your future, into tomorrow. And this time, the land shall yield forth her increase. This time, heaven and earth has come together, and that there is a new awakening upon the land. You shall see deliverances happen supernaturally. You shall see miracles and healings take place supernaturally, even corporately, not only within the four walls. When I say outside in the market place, in the highways and in the byways, I say that a new deliverance upon the land has happened this day, says the Lord.

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