The Spirit of Fear & Suicide Is Coming Out of the Body of Christ

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Isaac Pierce
Date Given: September 18, 2020

– Isaac Pitre – She is standing here as a testament that the deliverance starts now and the scripture we are going to use, to break this curse is that God did not give you a spirit of fear-

Isaac Pitre – Disappear. but of power, love and a sound mind. We-

Chuck Pierce – Fear is lifted.

Isaac Pitre – decree all of the-

Chuck Pierce – Fear is lifted.

Isaac Pitre – warfare over your mind-

Chuck Pierce – Fear is lifting

Isaac Pitre – In your generation-

Chuck Pierce – Fear is lifting

Isaac Pitre – In your bloodline, in your children ends today. Now begin to pray in the spirit and put your hands on them.

Isaac Pitre – Pray pray over people. Because Daniel this is it.

Isaac Pitre – Fear is lifting This is it. You’ve been climbing that mountain and climbing that mountain climbing that mountain. Today you have reached the top and the soundness of your mind, in nights where you thought you were literally losing your mind ends with you today. God is restoring the years.

Chuck – Oh

Isaac – My God.

Chuck – Oh

Isaac – Somebody shout

Chuck – Oh

Isaac – Restoration. [audience] “Restoration”

Isaac Pitre РIn Jesus name  Freedom, freedom Freedom

Isaac – Freedom-

Chuck – Fear is leaving

Isaac – In your mind-

Chuck – Tell him to leave

Isaac – In your emotions, in your will-

Chuck – Tell him to leave-

Isaac – Your curse is broken, Now

Chuck Pierce – Fear is leaving, fear creates that thing when you’re having to keep secrets. It’s causing a fear to rest on you. I decree it’s breaking off. It’s an occult force it’s a religious force. I say it’s lifting off of us in Jesus name. That spirit of suicide is the most devastating. Evil structure it’s like 2nd Kings three, where the King sacrifices his Son. I mean even Godliness backs away because it’s so demonic. What happens through suicide, it’s been proven the effects of it for six generations. If we recently have said that spirit will not take out God’s people during this time.

– If you have had any struggle with wanting to control, and end your journey pre-maturely in any form I want you to lift your hands right now. I need to see hands everywhere.Turn around put your hands on people. Right now lay hands on them, lay hands on them. That spirit is not going any further in the body of Christ here. That alignment that you’re under here, will not permit that demonic force from manifesting. That spirit will not be able to pre-maturely preempt your blessings. That’s what I want you to say. It will not pre-maturely preempt my blessings. I speak to you, you destructive spirit and I call you forth and I say you will now leave, and be gone. Open those doors back there and tell that demon to get out of here. So many people have been focused on Covid, and this spirit makes Covid look like a baby. Lord we say right now that spirit is gone and out of the body of Christ. Lord we say we are submitted to endure what you have called us to endure. We are submitted to overcome say it out loud right now. Wherever you are you are submitted to overcome. You are submitted to overcome. You are submitted to overcome. Shout it as loud as you can shout. Father we thank You that You have started freedom, in this year of aleph and Lord we will not stop until we are operating in full liberty.

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