The Spirit of Repair Is Visiting Your House

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jane Arenas, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 30, 2022

Jane Arenas – I had a dream a few weeks back that I shared with Chuck, that I had, somebody gave me $50. And in the dream they were praying for Chuck’s healing. And people started to come and give into his healing. They were just giving pots and pots of money. And I remember reaching in my pocket and saying, “Oh, this is probably not, he’s not gonna recognize that I gave this $50. He’s not gonna even, it’s not even a lot. And they’re already picking this stuff up so it’s too late. I’ll just give it to him another, another time.” And I was organizing in my nightstand, all these birthday cards that I received. And in there I saw exactly $50. And I said, you know what? Sometimes dreams do reveal your future, but dreams also show you that you can change. You can repent. You can, you can turn it around. If you choose to, 50 is the number of celebration. It’s the number of deliverance. It’s the number of Jubilee. It’s the number of freedom. You cannot not give into that. You cannot not give into that. You know what I mean? And so I, we just gave that. And when you felt that anointing, I was like, it was the Lord who is orchestrating our steps into deliverance, into victory, into freedom. So we just decree that right now.

Chuck Pierce – Now, I’m gonna give you a double portion. You’re gonna throw it down. It’s from you two. Remember this Lydia, and you’re gonna throw it down. And you’re going to decree that everything you’ve given will start coming back, double, back into it. Now, lift these baskets up. This is for all of us, all you’ve already given. I’m going to the decree over this, beginning this month, this Adar month, that what you have sown will start coming back in incredible, supernatural ways. Sometimes it’s gonna come back where you didn’t have to spend money and God had someone there to help you. Sometimes it’s going to come back in such unusual ways, I decree right now, you will see your seed coming back in new ways.

LeAnn Squier – I have to say one thing about that money being given to Chuck. What I saw was that God is repairing. He is a repairer. He, that, I mean, there, it says, we’ll be repairs of the breach, but He is the ultimate repairer of the breach. And what I saw was the last season of warfare and battle. The Lord is beginning to give back in to the places that have been breached, the places that have been broken. And Lord, I just say all reparation all over Chuck, all over you all. The spirit of repair is visiting this house- to repair the places that have been broken through your faithful service in battle.

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